Arizona Legal News

  • The United States Supreme Court refused to overturn a ruling that requires the Yuma County Sherriff to return medical marijuana that was confiscated from a qualifying patient under Arizona law at traffic stop in 2011. [HuffPost]
  • A federal judge denied an injunction to a law that restricts pill-induced abortions after seven weeks.  [USAToday]  The Center for Reproductive Rights and Planned Parenthood said they will appeal the Arizona federal court ruling.  [NY Times]

Read the District Judge David Bury’s order on the abortion pills here.  Planned Parenthood v. Humble, CV 14-1910 (D. Ariz. Mar. 31, 2014)  – Order

  • A new medical marijuana greenhouse is being built five miles from a drug checkpoint and is located in center of the I-19 drug smuggling corridor.  It could be an interesting case to see how effectively medical marijuana can be grown in Arizona.  [CBS5AZ]
  • Multiple cases are filed in Arizona federal court to challenge Arizona’s ban on same-sex marriages.  A plaintiff in one of the lawsuits wants to combine the cases, presumably to save resources and to show more strength in a united front.  The attorneys on the first case have not decided what is the best course of action yet.  [MyFoxPhoenix]
  • The Arizona Supreme Court will clarify its Dec. 2013 opinion which allow a law passed by the state legislature allowing higher campaign contributions to take effect. Critics argue the higher campaign limits violate current laws. [ABC15]

Read the text of the clarification here: [Clean Elections v. Hon. Brain/Bennett, CV 13-0341 (Ariz. Apr. 2, 2014)]



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