Arizona Legal News

  • U.S. District Judge John Sedwick ruled that same-sex marriage lawsuits in Arizona will not be merged.  Judge Sedwick said he would hear both of the cases independently.  [ABC15]
  • A preliminary study shows that recreational use of marijuana shows there are signs of changes in the brain.  Previous studies have showed mixed results.  Non-governmental agencies say more studies are needed to study the issue. [My Fox Phoenix]
  • Arizona House Bill 2565 will clarify the meaning of assisted suicide.  If the legislation is passed, assisted suicide will remain a manslaughter, but the definition will be clarified.  [ABC15]
  • The Arizona Supreme Court clarified when a timely notice of appeal must be filed.  The court ruled the notice of appeal must be provided within 20 days of the announcement of a sentence, and not when the court clerk files the paperwork. [AZ Supreme Court]
  • Veterans rallied today to protest the treatment they have received from the Veterans Administration Hospital in central Phoenix.  Recent revelations have indicated deaths at the hospital may be tied to delayed care.   [AZCentral]

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