Arizona Legal News

  • General Mills changed the legal terms on its website, to politely alert its customers, that everything down to liking the brand on Facebook, will result in arbitration.  Effectively the company tried to stop its customers from being able to take the company to court for any reason.  Because of the public uproar, General Mills has since revised their changes.  Ruth Carter does a good job describing the situation.  [Carter Law]
  • It happens occasionally, students who are in undergraduate or graduate school, try to register for that last required course their final semester of school only to find out it is no longer offered. If no equivalent courses are offered, then the student may have to spend an extra semester in school finding a way to make up that requirement.  In England, some are arguing it is a violation of consumer protection law.  [The Guardian]  This practice also occurs in the United States, and even in Arizona.  Does this practice infringe upon any consumer protections here?
  • The Department of Justice announces potential clemency for prisoners who committed drug offenses, and have served at least ten years.  [Fox News]
  • Arizona Governor Jan Brewer vetoed a pair of gun bills that would have allowed citizens to carry guns into public places and events. [USA Today]
  • The Arizona Supreme Court ruled having marijuana in one’s system at the time of a traffic stop is not a prosecutable offense unless the person is impaired at the time of the stop.  [Huff Post]




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