Arizona Legal News

  • Arizona legislators filed a friend of the court brief to encourage the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals to implement new restrictions on use of abortion-inducing drugs.  [ABC15]
  • A new report claims the Border Patrol fails to take action on complaints.  Out of 809 complaints of abuse from Jan. 2009 to Jan. 2012 only 13 resulted in any kind of action, according to the report.  [AZCentral]
  • The Arizona Court of Appeals – District 1 is partially overturning a Superior Court ruling on police negligence.  In the aftermath, of a car accident in which one of five passengers died, the police mistakenly told the wrong family their child died.  The family sued for intentional infliction of emotional distress [IIED] and negligence of the police officers.  The Court of Appeals ruled there isn’t enough for an IIED claim to go to trial, but there is enough for negligence.  The Court reversed the summary judgment on the negligence claim and cleared the way for a trial.  [AZ Court of Appeals]
  • Three top officials at the Phoenix VA have been placed on administrative leave, one of whom is the director.  The allegation that forty or more veterans died while waiting for care is making waves nationally.  [CNN]

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