Arizona Legal News

  • The Food and Drug Administration is considering whether to make Naloxone (brand name Narcan), a drug used to combat heroine and morphine overdoses, available over-the-counter.  With herione overdoses up sharply over the last few years, legislators are trying to find answers to help prevent more deaths.  [ABC 15]
  • Arizona might create a new specialized court for businesses.  The Arizona Supreme Court is creating an advisory committee to look at the merits.  [ABC 15]
  • Google has a mountain of data on any person who uses their popular services — data that it does not have to delete.  A European Court recently held the indefinite retention of data is a privacy violation.  Should people be allowed to delete their digital footprints?  [NPR]
  • Three family members family residing in Washington state were arrested for a medical marijuana garden on their property.  Law enforcement feared the plants were being grown by a collective, instead of by individuals.  As residence in rural Washington who sometimes have encounters with big game, they had guns in their home.  Subsequently, they are being charged with drug trafficking, in addition to manufacturing and distribution of marijuana.  This case may force the federal and state governments to come to a more definitive conclusion to the criminal status of marijuana.  [Huffpost]
  • Congress is debating whether or not it will fight the District of Columbia’s decriminalization of marijuana.  [Slate]

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