Arizona Legal News

  • U.S. Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki resigned on Friday amid growing criticism from Congress. [AlJazeera] Why has it taken this long?  In early 2012, Dr. Katherine Mitchell, warned then Director of the Phoenix VA Sharon Helman of problems at the hospital.  In July 2013, another employee questioned the wait times being touted by the Hospital. In July 2013, Mitchell files a complaint to the Inspector General via Senator McCain’s office.  In October 2013, Dr. Sam Foote, a doctor of internal medicine at the Phoenix VA, claims in a complaint to the Inspector General that the wait time reduction is due to a manipulation of data. [AzCentral].
  • Can popular opinion force the name change of the Washington Redskins football team?  [NPR] Maybe, with the intervention of the league or Congress, but not if left up to its current owner.  In the wake of the Los Angeles Clippers forced sale and 50 United States Senators calling for a name change to the Washiginton football team, owner Bruce Allen wrote a letter to Congress defending the team’s name.  []
  • Can cop-worn cameras restore the public’s faith in police?  In what looks like a Google Glass knock-off, New Orleans police are making the “body cameras” standard issue to its police force.  It will be interesting to see if the police keep the recordings and make them available for investigations, or if videos that negatively depict the police mysteriously disapperar.  [NPR]
  • Last week, law enforcement in New York City arrested 71 people in a child pornography sting.  [AlJazeera] I applaud the police for their efforts, in what appears to be a tough crime to prosecute, since the pictures are typically tracked across the internet.  I question, how much is the NSA helping with these investigations?  With their apparent internet-wide dragnet (that is unconstitutional in my opinion), why isn’t the NSA helping to remove child pornography from the internet?
  • The House of Representatives passed a law to curb mass data collection.  [ABC]





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