Mesa, Arizona Police Department Directives

Through an Open Records Request, the Mesa Police Department shared with me their directives.

Mesa Police Directives Theft Investigations
Mesa, Arizona Police Directives Theft Investigations

Police directives come by several interchangeable names including procedures and manuals. Basically are two types of directives for police: written and unwritten.  Written directives are crafted for scenarios that are foreseeable that police may encounter.  Oral directives are left for times where the scenarios are unforeseeable.  It can be argued that the written directives set a self-imposed standard of care.  By looking at the directives, a person will have one sign post in which to to help make a determination if which the police acted in accordance with their own standards.

Here are the Mesa Police directives (it is a large file almost 1,300 pages in length, so it is probably best to download it to a place where you can read it).

*** It is important to note police directives may be updated at any time.  Thus, there may be new directives or revised directives that are not included.





4 thoughts on “Mesa, Arizona Police Department Directives”

    1. Agreed. An index would be really nice, especially for a document of this size. However, when I received the files they were all separate on a CD. I compiled them all into one document for ease of use.

      Even in its current form, I hope it is helpful.

    1. Hi Alex,
      You most likely will not find Mesa’s Police procedures or any other police department at any law library. There are a couple of reasons for this. First, many law enforcements do not feel their administrative guidelines or police procedures should be public knowledge. The Denver Sheriff is fighting me tooth and nail on this issue, that I have been chronicling on my other blog. Next, like any employee handbook, the policies and procedures change often. When a court case changes the procedure, or new information becomes available as to best practices, law enforcement may change their procedures at any time without notice. Unlike many other guidelines, there is no regular interval for updating or publishing. If you are interested in the Mesa Police Department, feel free to use the link above to download the PDF file that I uploaded here. If you are interested in another jurisdiction, I tried to list every law enforcement agency’s procedures I could find online on my other blog.

      I hope this helps.

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