American Bar Association Blawg Contest

First, some good news.  Arizona Common Law is now officially listed in the American Bar Association blawg directory (that is the term for legal blogs, get it b-law-g).  Anyway, I thought that was pretty cool that this site is entered into their directory and they even gave a shout-out to my sister site Colorado Common Law.

We’re working on our annual list of the 100 best legal blogs, and we’d like your advice on which blogs you think we should include.

Use the form below to tell us about a blog—not your own—that you read regularly and think other lawyers should know about. If there is more than one blog you want to support, feel free to send us additional amici through the form. We may include some of the best comments in our Blawg 100 coverage. But keep your remarks pithy—you have a 500-character limit.

Friend-of-the-blawg briefs are due no later than 5 p.m. ET on Aug. 8, 2014.

To nominate your favorite legal blawg, time is running out.  It must be submitted by tomorrow at 5pm Eastern Standard time.

Here are some Arizona Blawgs which I enjoy reading:

Brown and Little PLC – The firm’s practice is criminal defense and the blog is filled with frank and honest commentary about the Arizona criminal justice system.

Carter Law Firm – The firm’s practice business law and contract.  Attorney Ruth Carter has been at the forefront of social media and internet law for a few years.  The blog offers some really insightful blog posts on all topics that her practice covers.

Who are your favorite blawgers?  They don’t have to be in Arizona.  Just where do you find interesting discussions about the law.  Post in the comments which blawgs you think are noteworthy.


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