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Transferring Web Hosts – Please Resubscribe

Hello everyone,

I am going to be transferring web hosts for AzCommonLaw in the next week or so.  The only real impact should be to those who subscribe to this site via email.  I do not have access to the information to who has subscribed to receive updates via email to transfer it over.  I am asking those who are interested to continue receiving updates via email to resubscribe in about a week or so when I get the site up and running on the new host.

I will post on this site when the switch has been complete, and users can resubscribe.  I am guessing that the site will look a little bit different, too as did my CoCommonLaw blog did after the change.  Some of the options available from my current host are not available on the new host, and vice versa.

I am excited and I hope to continue to have each of you as apart of this website in the future.