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Arizona Legal News

  • A warden at an state publicly run prison in Arizona is charged with alleged sexual misconduct. [AZ Central]
  • Arizona legislature passed a bill to allow warrantless searches of abortion clinics. Apparently, abortion clinics need their own exception to the Fourth Amendment’s warrant requirement. [Phoenix New Times] [AZ Central]
  • The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals issued an injunction against an Arizona law that would restrict medications used for abortions. [NA Today]
  • Young adults who were born in Mexico, but lived their entire lives in the United States are seeking asylum in the United States.  In an act of what may best be considered civil disobedience the students crossed into the United States through common ports of entry and are taking their cases to the courts.  [Phoenix New Times]
  • A ruling is expected next week by an administrative judge on whether Attorney General Tom Horne violated campaign finance laws in 2010.  [CBS 5]



Arizona Legal News

  • The United States Supreme Court refused to overturn a ruling that requires the Yuma County Sherriff to return medical marijuana that was confiscated from a qualifying patient under Arizona law at traffic stop in 2011. [HuffPost]
  • A federal judge denied an injunction to a law that restricts pill-induced abortions after seven weeks.  [USAToday]  The Center for Reproductive Rights and Planned Parenthood said they will appeal the Arizona federal court ruling.  [NY Times]

Read the District Judge David Bury’s order on the abortion pills here.  Planned Parenthood v. Humble, CV 14-1910 (D. Ariz. Mar. 31, 2014)  – Order

  • A new medical marijuana greenhouse is being built five miles from a drug checkpoint and is located in center of the I-19 drug smuggling corridor.  It could be an interesting case to see how effectively medical marijuana can be grown in Arizona.  [CBS5AZ]
  • Multiple cases are filed in Arizona federal court to challenge Arizona’s ban on same-sex marriages.  A plaintiff in one of the lawsuits wants to combine the cases, presumably to save resources and to show more strength in a united front.  The attorneys on the first case have not decided what is the best course of action yet.  [MyFoxPhoenix]
  • The Arizona Supreme Court will clarify its Dec. 2013 opinion which allow a law passed by the state legislature allowing higher campaign contributions to take effect. Critics argue the higher campaign limits violate current laws. [ABC15]

Read the text of the clarification here: [Clean Elections v. Hon. Brain/Bennett, CV 13-0341 (Ariz. Apr. 2, 2014)]