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Unionizing Phoenix’s Strippers

You don’t have to watch the latest Franklin and Bash episode to know that strippers sometimes get a raw deal in society.  I can’t stop to help thinking that maybe if strippers unionized it would help cure some societal ills strippers face in employment, but it could also help the community as well.

What would it be like if the strippers in Phoenix unionized?  Hhhmmmmm.

I have been playing around with this idea for a while, long before I saw the Franklin and Bash try to unionize all the exotic dancers of Los Angeles, Season 4, Episode 6.  Seriously, if all the strippers in the city of Phoenix had a union to ensure they earned at least minimum wage, discrimination is kept in check (pregnancy discrimination comes to mind), and would be protected by the National Labor Relations Board in case they wanted to strike or picket (which would be interesting) —  it could help cure a lot of problems.

*** This article is not based off of any strip club in Phoenix and is just a generalization from what I have read about in the industry.  I do not know how any of the strip clubs in Phoenix are run, I only know the applicable laws governing employment.

Gorgeous Librarians

— Photo Credit: Thomas Hawk, Flickr

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Phoenix Apartment Complex Found Guilty of Uninhabitable Conditions

A Phoenix apartmment complex is found of uninhabitable by a city court judge.

After a non-jury trial, Judge Lori Metcalf, of the Phoenix Municipal Court found Woodbridge Apartments guilty of 385 out of 406 criminal counts.  That is a 94.8% guilty rate.  Sentencing is scheduled for September 19, 2014. Woodbridge Apartments are located at 6635 North 19th Avenue, Phoenix, Arizona.

Deputy Director of the Phoenix Department of Neighborhoods Tim Boling told ABC 15 News, “this case is probably the most extreme resistance that he has encountered in the city’s efforts to bring a property into compliance.”

This case surpasses the normal landlord-tenant issues moving into issues of basic civil rights.  No one should have to live in squalor.  It took a couple of years, but props to the City of Phoenix prosecutors for pursuing this case.

I haven’t found the legal documents anywhere else on the internet.  I thought I would share them since this is appears to be an extraordinary case for the City of Phoenix.  See the criminal findings by Judge Metcalf below.  Also, the entire civil complaints against Woodbridge Apartments from 2012 are also provided below.

Woodbridge Apartments - Phoenix, Arizona
Woodbridge Apartments – Phoenix, Arizona – Photo taken by AzCommonLaw

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Interstate Transfer of Undocument Immigrants

More bus loads of immigrants are being dropped off at Phoenix bus stations.

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, said in a letter to President Barack Obama that thousands of immigrants from south Texas are being transported to bus stations in Tucson and Phoenix by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). A local news outlet is reporting that Arizona is the only state in which immigrants are currently being shipped.  Apparently, immigration holding facilities in south Texas are overflowing and are seeking relief. “Everyone was packed in like sardines. Too close to sleep. They came in the middle of the night to drop off bread and bang on the doors,” and then loaded onto a bus headed for Phoenix. Xiomara Maldonado, a passenger on the DHS bus, told ABC15.

There are many humanitarian issues surrounding the transportation.  First, the immigrants do not have anywhere to go when dropped-off at the bus stations in Phoenix and Tucson.  There was no prior coordination between Texas, Arizona or the Federal government on a protocol.  Arizona officials claim they had no prior knowledge of the transportation, whatsoever. It is “especially disconcerting that (the United States Department of Homeland Security) instituted this operation without any notification to my office, the Arizona Department of Public Safety or the Arizona Department of Homeland Security. We instead learned of this action from the news media.” Governor Brewer wrote in her letter.
Second, when immigrants are dropped off in Arizona, no food water or shelter is arranged, which is especially dangerous because there have been excessive heat warnings for the last several days.  Local charities and volunteers are trying to help in any way possible.

My problem is the kids, it’s getting hot and you just dump them off at the bus station? Who’s going to take care of the kids? Is that humane? No it’s not humane.

— Mariciopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio told Fox 10 news.

While driving in downtown Phoenix yesterday, I saw one of the DHS buses…going somewhere.  News channel Fox 10 in Phoenix later saw the same bus dropping off immigrants at a bus station.

Ice Transfer of Undocumented Immigrants in Phoenix, Arizona
Department of Homeland Security transfer of undocumented immigrants in Phoenix, Arizona, June 3, 2014.

It is unclear at this time what are the legal implications.  Setting aside jurisdictional issues, what happens if someone is hurt or injured because of this process?  With buses arriving daily, it appears that it is a new policy or custom of DHS made at a higher level and not just some rogue employee calling the shots.

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer letter to President Barack Obama

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